Free Download of ECWA School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

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 Free Download of ECWA School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Are you looking for how to buy the most up-to-date ECWA School of Nursing Past Questions and answers? Do not look further as we are waiting for you!


The ECWA School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers are available for download for those who are preparing to take the test.

The ECWA School of Nursing has six departments in total

*> Nursing Department

*> Anatomy and Physiology Department

*> Medical-Surgical Nursing Department

*> Primary Health Care Department

*> Family Health Department, and

*> General Studies Department.

What do you need to be aware of regarding the ECWA School of Nursing

ECWA School of Nursing Egbe is located at an important intersection between Ilorin and Lokoja students from other regions of the State and across the nation are being educated.

The Nurses Training School (School of Nursing) Egbe was established in 1955 and was granted approval from the Nursing Council of Nigeria to the Sudan Interior Mission (S.I.M.

The school was created by Dr. George F. Campion to cater to the needs of the patients of Egbe Hospital. The school was among the few non-profit health institutions that are spread across Nigeria throughout the time.

However, due to financial issues and staffing issues, as well as the need for essential equipment, and insufficient infrastructure the government ordered its closing in 1972. The approval for re-establishing the school was granted on November 22, 1992. In 2006, the institution was granted all accreditation from The Nursing and midwifery Council of Nigeria.

Thanks to the assistance of government officials of the Kogi State Government and the efforts of the founding fathers as well as concerned citizens, they were able to support the first principal staff.

Guidelines on Writing the Examination Successfully

1. Do not waste your time on any one question. So, you must first respond to the possible concerns that you are familiar with well, as fast as you can.

2. Also, always read a question carefully. Be sure you know the exact requirements before you attempt to answer the question.

3. Additionally, pay attention to all instructions provided by the supervisor on the exam. Do exactly what he instructs the students to follow. Also, begin the moment he says you should begin and stop when he says to stop.

4. Also, think about how you can answer questions as fast and as carefully as you possibly can.

5. Also, write (or mark or shade) all of your responses clearly on the response page. If you realize you’ve made a mistake, remove your initial mark completely, then make a fresh mark.

6. Remember to write down the information that you have to fill in on the answer sheet. These include the exam date, year, name as well as index number along with the subject. If you don’t write your name or the index number, you won’t be awarded any recognition for the work that you did.

7. Additionally, if you have more answers than you require then leave the extra spaces empty.

8. Furthermore, after you’ve completed one page, move directly to the next one without taking your time or waiting for instructions.

9. Keep calm and collected during the exam day. Your chances of getting a good score are higher if you remain at ease rather than anxious and agitated.

Why do you require ECWA School of Nursing Past Questions?

It is now possible to download the ECWA School of Nursing Entrance Exams Past Questions and Answers have been posted on this page. Candidates who are going into exam ECWA School of Nursing Entrance Exam are now able to download their previous questions on this page while they are preparing for the entrance exam.

ECWA School of Nursing Past Questions offers an enormous benefit for students who are studying for the entrance exam, for example;

First, it explains the nature of the exam

So you won’t be unaware of the type of questions to be prepared for in the exam.

So you don’t require any help but you’ll be confident in your abilities

Also, you aren’t likely to develop exam fever because you don’t know which questions are being asked.

Furthermore, it will prepare you for the future.

It also helps you to respond to exam technical questions.

Key Features of ECWA School of Nursing Past Questions

These ECWA School of Nursing questions are in the areas that are not listed.

* Use of English

* Mathematics

* Biology

* Chemistry

* Physics

Sample Nursing School Past Questions and Answers

The previous questions from the nursing sample have been posted to this site for no cost. Individuals who are interested in the material can now look through the free version of the information. For the latest and most up-to-date version of the material Follow the steps below to learn how to buy your copy. Be aware that this content is available in PDF format and will be delivered to your address following the payment is successful.

1. The following organs or cell components shared by both the sporophyte and gametophyte in a Fern?

A. Rhizoids
B. roots
C. chloroplasts
D. leaves

2. In which of these organisms do cells perform all of the tasks of food, movement excretion, growth, and photosynthesis?

A. paramecium
B. euglena
C. amoeba
D. spirogyra

3. Which of the following organisms could glycogen storage occur?

A. spirogyra
B. Chlamydomonas
C Rattus
D. magnifier

4. The most successful animal group for diversity in species

A. Mollusca
B. Arthropoda
C. mammalian
D. playthehelminthes

5. The flame cells are what they are.

A. system for excretory of worms.
B. respiratory and excretory systems of earthworms
C. flatworm’s excretory system
D. Excretory system for flatworms

6. The following components of a cell are living?

A. cell wall
B. mitochondria
C. food vacuole
D. Calcium Oxalate


7. The principal purpose that blood plays in mammal species is the transport of blood.

A. Excretory materials extracted from tissues
B. carbon oxide from the lungs to tissues
C. processed food and absorbed it into all tissues of the body.
D. oxygenation of the lung

8. Prozoa-related members of the phylum utilize the contractile vacuole

A. to eliminate food items that are not needed.
B. to move
C. for digestion
D. to get rid of excess water

9. The response displayed by the tips of the root as well as the leaves of the plant the gravity-related stimulus is

A. haptropisrn
B. phototropism
C. hydrotropism
D. geotropism

10. The following are the correct positions of the vertebrae on the spine column?

A. Axis Atlas thoracic sacral lumbar cervical
B. Atlas cervical axis Thoracic sacral lumbar
C. Atlas axis cervical thoracic sacral lumbar
D. Axis cervical thoracic sacral Lumbar.


How to Download ECWA School of Nursing Past Questions & Answers

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We wish you the best of success as you step into the examination hall and walk out with a smile of perfection.

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