View My Blocked List On Facebook | How To Unblock A Friend On Facebook

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View My Blocked List on Facebook It’s normal to block an individual on Facebook, particularly in situations where their presence is a source of discomfort and you’re unable to take on the burden of their presence or wish to interact with that person in the future, you can remove them from your Facebook account. Facebook has such options. But, if you experience an uneasy feeling about your friend and would like to allow them access on Facebook to make contact between you and your friend yet again, you may change the blocking procedure.

View My Blocked List On Facebook


If you block a friend on Facebook it is easy to check their blocked list using the Facebook settings. When I go to my list that is blocked on Facebook I look at the list of my friends who have been blocked.

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I can decide to de-block an individual friend after going through my list. If you block a friend on Facebook that person is removed immediately from your list of friends and he will not be able to view the posts you have posted, or video, text or chat contact you via Facebook. After you unblock the friend, you have to make a friend request to the person you blocked them from for them to be friends on Facebook once more. Find out how to check your blocked friends on Facebook below.

How To View My Blocked List On Facebook

If you block an acquaintance on Facebook and you’re not sure if your person has already been blocked it is possible to confirm by looking at your block list on Facebook. Following the steps below you will be able to see my blocked list on Facebook.

  • When you connect your mobile to the web, you can launch
  • Click on the options icon It is a horizontal three-line
  • From the menu of options, click on settings.
  • In the menu of settings, click on Account Settings.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap blocking. It is at the bottom of the page.

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On the next screen, there’s an input field that allows you to enter the names of friends to block them. Under the field bar is a list of names that are displayed. The names listed are those of the friends you’ve blocked on Facebook

How To Unblock A Friend On Facebook

To remove a friend from Facebook you must first check the list of blocked friends on Facebook. Follow the steps below for unblocking friends on Facebook:

  • Log into Facebook with the Facebook app or via Facebook’s website
  • Once you’re on the Facebook home page, click on the icon for options.
  • From the options available, click on the settings
  • A list will appear From the list, you can choose the settings for your account.
  • Scroll down until you come to the block user section Click on the unblock icon next to the user you want to remove from the block.
  • Confirm the unblocking

To talk to a friend who you unblocked just now, you’ll need to send the friend another request for a friend. If you would like to block the friend once more, you’ll need to wait two days.

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View My Blocked List On Facebook | How To Unblock A Friend On Facebook


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