USA Merit-Based Scholarships for College Students 2022-2023

USA Merit-Based Scholarships

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USA Merit-Based Scholarships for College Students 2022-2023 – The merit award is a financial reward that is awarded to students in recognition of their academic achievements during high school. 

USA Merit-Based Scholarships for College Students 2022-2023

These merit-based scholarships aren’t just restricted to the student’s academic performance they also take into account other things like leadership positions, ACT and/or SAT scores as well as extracurricular activities, and school and community engagement. In contrast to need-based financial aid, merit-based scholarships don’t take into consideration expected Family Contribution (EFC).

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In many instances, merit-based awards can help to reduce or completely cover the cost of schooling for four years. Some scholarships are given to cover several academic years by the participation and performance of the student.

A few of the largest financial aid awards are merit scholarships. They are especially beneficial for students stuck in the void of not being eligible for aid based on need and having to afford the cost of a college education. The same merit award could be awarded to a student who lives under the poverty line exactly the same way it can be given to a student who is in the 1 percent range.

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Merit-based scholarships are usually offered by universities and colleges but many companies and foundations also offer them too. Check out our guide to find out more about merit-based scholarships and then use our interactive tool for scholarships to find the scholarships according to award amount and the eligibility criteria.

Tips for Maximizing Merit Aid

Apply to colleges where you are in the top quartile of at the top of your academic class: Applying to colleges with grades that put you in the top 10 % of students can assist. If you’re in the upper quarter of students, you stand a good possibility that colleges will attract you with merit-based aid.

Then negotiate: If you receive two or more admissions letters from universities, certain institutions may match a merit-based grant you received from another university.

Check net costs before choosing a school: In some instances, the most merit-based scholarships are given because the school has the most expensive net cost due to the higher tuition. Subtract scholarships and grants out of the cost of attending (including the cost of fees, tuition accommodation, and board, books, and transport).

Rate of acceptance: Typically in general, the higher the level of selectiveness a school’s admissions process can be, the less cautious it is when it comes to distributing merit scholarships. Less well-known schools may have higher acceptance rates and provide more merit-based scholarships, so it is important to look at a range of possibilities.

Think about out-of-state alternatives: To attract out-of-state students, certain universities provide merit-based awards. Contact the admissions office to find out if merit scholarships are offered to students from outside the state.

How to Pay for College

1. Scholarships

There is a myriad of scholarships for students who are eligible for merit-based aid. These are given out by local groups and private corporations, societies, and many more.

2. Grants

Grants do not have to be returned and are contingent on your financial status. They’re typically funded by the federal government and your college, state, or university.

3. Fellowships

While scholarships typically cover tuition, fellowships usually offer graduate research, projects, and overseas experiences without the need to pay back.

4. Student Loans

You can get money from the bank or from the government however it has to be repaid with interest. The federal government has a variety of loans- complete the no-cost request for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine if you can qualify for financial aid.

5. Federal Work-Study Program

Offers part-time employment for students in the undergraduate and graduate levels who are financially disadvantaged and allows students to earn money to cover fees for their education.

If you’re only getting started in the search for appropriate scholarships, ensure that you’re well-prepared in preparation for your applications. Start by making by creating a folder that contains the materials below.

Scholarship Application Preparation

Because merit scholarships are usually dependent on the performance of students Many awards have requirements, like the requirement of a portfolio of work or a report on your project that can require a lot of time to write.


GPA is an important aspect of most merit-based scholarships. Make sure you get verified copies of your transcript earlier to ensure you have enough time to finish by the deadline.

Test Scores

Achieving good grades, challenging classes, and scores that are high on the SAT or ACT tests are typically a requirement for merit-based awards. It can make you make an impression on other applicants.


The scholarship essay you submit draws interest to the applicant from the crowd of applicants. It is, therefore, crucial to create a unique piece that proves your qualifications, follows the rules of the scholarship and most important thing is that it reveals your unique character.


Letters of recommendation are an authentic assessment of your character. This cannot be revealed by your transcript or test scores. Contact the former counselors, teachers, or supervisors, so they can speak about your credentials. You might also wish to present them with an outline of your accomplishments and ambitions as well.

Top 5 USA Merit-Based Scholarships for College Students 2022-2023

1. Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship

Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship, with an application deadline of November, The award can be made worth $7500.

  • Amount: $7,500
  • Deadline: November 1, 2022


2. AMIA Scholarships Program

AMIA Scholarships Program, with the application deadline, being M, ain gives many awards worth $4000 each.

  • Amount: $4,000
  • Deadline: May 18, 2022


3. Undergraduate Student Scholarship

Undergraduate Student Scholarship, which has the deadline for applications in April, grants one $1000 award.

  • Amount: $1,000
  • Deadline: April 30, 2022


4. AHIMA Foundation Student Merit Scholarship

AHIMA Foundation Student Merit Scholarship The deadline for applications is in August and provides a variety of awards that range in size.

  • Amount: Varies
  • Deadline: August 30, 2022


5. HLG Scholarship

HLG Scholarship, with a submission deadline in June. gives numerous $1,000 awards each.

  • Amount: $1,000
  • Deadline: June 1, 2022


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