NEW WAEC Civic Education Questions and Answers for 2022/2023 (Expo Runs)

NEW WAEC Civic Education Questions and Answers

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NEW WAEC Civic Education Questions and Answers – If you are determined to know the New WAEC Civic Education questions 2021 before the test and also the right WAEC Civic Education answers 2021 exposure for OBJ as well theory and OBJ, this guide is ideal for you.

NEW WAEC Civic Education Questions and Answers


We have a full sample of WAEC 2021 Civic Education questions and answers for 2021 WAEC applicants who wish to understand the types of Civic Education questions they will encounter in the exam.

WAEC Civic Education OBJ/Theory Expo 2021

The WAEC Civic Theory questions are intended for paper 2 and will require specific answers, while the Civic OBJ section will contain multiple-choice questions.

Civic Education paper one is the OBJ paper. In paper 1 in the subject, candidates have to select only one correct answer to each objective question.

Candidates must select one answer for each question of the section on objective (paper 1.).

There are approximately six questions in the essay section. Every candidate has to select the questions they wish to answer by the instructions on the exam sheet.

Below are possible WAEC Civic answers 2021 expo as well as the answer for OBJ questions.

WAEC 2021 Civic Objective Questions and Answers Expo Samples (OBJ)

Check out the WAEC Syllabus for Civic Education here.

Below are some sample WAEC Civic Education OBJ questions and their answers that you can take as an example and for practicing. Each question is accompanied by the proper answer.

1. Which of these isn’t the value of value?

  1. Unity
  2. Co-operation
  3. Harmony
  4. Good Governance

The right response would be D. A good governance

2. The only exception is that there isn’t there a benefit to honesty?

  1. Trust
  2. Confidence
  3. Respect
  4. It attracts people and creates lasting peace.
  5. Job opportunities are created.

The right solution is E. Offers job opportunities.

3. A person can become a citizen by following the steps, excluding?

  1. Birth
  2. Naturalization
  3. Marriage
  4. Language
  5. Registration

It is the correct choice D. Language

4. Citizens have the right to exercise the following rights except for ____? Right to

  1. Shelter.
  2. Discrimination.
  3. Life.
  4. Vote, and then be voted.
  5. Proper education.

The correct code is B. Differentiation.

5. The three most important kinds of obligations facing citizens within the boundaries of a state are?

  1. Financial obligations and obligations for economics
  2. Political and civic obligations
  3. Social obligations
  4. Peaceful obligations

The right solution would be D. The peaceable obligations.

6. HIV/AIDS is easily transmitted via ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Sexual encounters.
  2. Hugs and kisses.
  3. Sharing toiletries with the victims.
  4. Handshakes with the victims.

The most appropriate choice is A. Sexual contact.

7. The people living with HIV/AIDS might receive assistance from ____?

  1. isolating them.
  2. sending them the love they deserve.
  3. They are the ones to blame.
  4. to keep them away.

Answer: B. Showing them the love.

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2021 WAEC Past Questions for Civic Education

It is the WAEC Civic Education previous questions and responses are another excellent WAEC source to learn about the potential Civic questions and their answers for WAEC 2021 as shown below.

1. What is the primary motive for the adoption of the rule of law by Modern nations?

  1. the supreme law.
  2. Lawyers’ independence.
  3. The judiciary section of the legislative branch.
  4. Parliamentary laws.

2. Why should traffic laws?

  1. assist them in reporting early to work.
  2. Beware of accidents that aren’t necessary.
  3. have the freedom to be citizens
  4. operate their vehicle
  5. Please Government.

3. What are the most responsible things parents can do?

  1. Feed their children too much.
  2. Marry their children for them.
  3. Let their children hawk on the streets.
  4. They beat their children.
  5. Teach their children the right values and morals to help them become valued and responsible.

4. Which of these challenges is currently being addressed in Human rights protection in Nigeria?

  1. Inaccessibility of the public complaints commission.
  2. Leadership failure to promote rules of law.
  3. The judiciary is independent.
  4. Incomplete freedom of the press

5. What is the reason that elections are considered to be the most important element of a democratic society?

  1. This allows citizens to be involved in the choice of their representatives.
  2. A vote can be used to judge how legitimate the Nigerian government is.
  3. It’s a time when the government shares money with its citizens.
  4. Since elections encourage voters to choose only one party.

6. Which of the following do not help to promote national awareness?

  1. Respect for the identities and symbols of the nation
  2. Promoting the human traditions and culture
  3. The appropriate use of mass media
  4. Unappropriate use of property owned by the state

7. Modern nations adopt the principle of regulation in such a way that they can make _____?

  1. independent lawyers.
  2. The supreme law.
  3. The judiciary section of the legislative.
  4. Parliamentary laws

8. The practice of obeying traffic rules helps a person to _____?

  1. Get up early for work.
  2. Avoid an accident.
  3. Relax at work.
  4. Take the unapproved route.

WAEC Essay/Theory Questions and Answers 2021 for Civic Education

As I mentioned earlier, you will find the WAEC Civic Education theory questions 2021 which you can see below are sample questions and their answers for paper 2 of this test.

Be sure to practice these essays and then take a look at answering questions in different Civic Education theory materials.

1. Define the following

  • Federal constitution
  • Constitutional unitary
  • Confederal constitution

Constitution of the Federal government: Federal constitutions are a form of the constitution with three or more levels of government, such as the state, federal, and local government, with legislators at various degrees of the government.

Constitutional unit: A unitary constitution is centered on the fact that power is concentrated in the middle. In the Unitary Constitution, that s just one lawful force recognized.

People also ask

Confederal Constitution: A confederal constitution is a loose variant of the federal constitution. Confederation is, therefore, an unofficial form of government.

A confederal constitution means that the federal government can exercise limited control over the state or region. So, states or regions could choose to leave the confederation at any time without fearing military or legal repercussions.

2. Three sources from the constitution may be derived;


  • Written documents
  • Judicial pronouncements
  • Unwritten documents

3. Give a brief explanation of the three types of democratic government in Nigeria which you have heard of.

  • Direct democracy
  • Representative democracy
  • Constitutional democracy

Direct Democracy: Direct democracy is a kind of democracy that allows everyone to participate directly in all decisions by voting to express his/her opinions.

Representative Democracy A representative democracy could be referred to as another form of democracy that is based on representation. It is achieved by choosing or appointing someone else as their representative in the political arena.

Democracy based on the constitution: Constitutional Democracy is a type of democracy that relies on the constitution to make decisions on matters.

4. The importance of the rights and obligations

  • Peace
  • Due process
  • Discipline
  • Social control

Candidates who can use the WAEC Civic Education questions and answers effectively will be more successful in the test.

For additional information on the Expo runs (runs) to prepare for WAEC 2021, Civic OBJ, and the theory questions before the test in paper 1. OBJ (objective) as well as paper 2 theorizing (essay) Use the comment box below to talk to us.


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