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Are you interested in software sales jobs but don’t know what to do? This guide covers all you must know about starting the ball off in your profession.


What are Software Sales?

As the name suggests software sales are the purchase of software by businesses of all sizes from small businesses to multinational corporations as well as non-governmental organizations, government agencies universities, academic institutions, and health care providers.

Nearly every software company has a sales staff that puts their products in those of prospective customers and convinces them to utilize the tools and services offered by the company regardless of whether it’s Microsoft, IBM, Slack, or Salesforce.

People also ask



If you’ve had to utilize specialized software for your work, such as Asana, Slack, SAP Concur,r or Dropbox Sales representatives from those companies probably marketed the software to you.

Information about the Job of Software Sales

When they consider sales-related jobs, they could witness salespeople who knock on doors to convince people to purchase their products.

This is far from the actual reality of software sales where leads are carefully examined and precisely targeted and time is spent creating a vendor-client relationship.

Professionals in sales and marketing are excellent communicators, who can show prospective customers how technology can assist them in solving their problems.

How to Start a Career in Software Sales

A college degree is typically not necessary to be employed in the field of software sales. Instead, managers recruit candidates with excellent abilities to communicate with others.

Additionally, there is a tradition of collaboration and the capability to change sales procedures within an organization and to adopt sales tools such CRMs, forecasting technologies databases, databases, along with business intelligence programs.

In essence, you should be able to utilize tools and technologies to generate and manage leads. You must possess the drive and interest to know the needs of prospective customers requirements.

What is the Maximum You Can Make as a Software Sales Representative?

According to LucidChart entry-l, level software sales find,ividualsindividualsn around $48,000 in a year’s base salary, with commissions elevating their total annual earnings to about $75,000.

Mid-level account executives make a base salary of around $62,000 per year. commissions increasing their earnings up to about $126,000 per annum.

Senior software sales managers make a base pay of about $95,000 which includes bonuses and commissions that push their earnings over $150,000.

What kinds of Software Sales Jobs are Open?

Each stage of the sales process is managed by various jobs in software sales.

This is the reason collaboration is essential when it comes to the field of tech sales There is no way that a single salesperson can do everything Good teamwork is essential for a smooth transition from reps who discover new leads to those who make deals.

The most well-known kinds of software sales jobs are listed below.

Internal Sales

Inside sales reps who are also referred to as sales reps take charge of the beginning part of the process of selling.

They seek out prospects who are fresh and competent and call cold to make appointments, analyze customer needs, and sometimes pitch customers. Inside sales positions are generally beginning-level jobs with plenty of potential for advancement.

The median basic salary earned by an inside sales expert is around $48,000 per year. bonuses and commissions typically make the total amount of compensation more than $75,000 annually.

External Sales

Outside sales reps are generally located in areas that are not the headquarters of the business.

Outside sales representatives should be able to provide insights into the market they are targeting, and also determine leads, close transactions, and maintain client relations.

Based on Zip Recruiter The average sales representative outside earns around $53,577 in the base salary including bonuses and commissions, making the total pay closer to six figures.

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Account Manager

Account executives are at the center of the sales software engine. they interact with new customers to complete transactions, as well as keep the relationships with clients.

They also make sure that the products offered by the company meet their needs. Account executives known as account managers or sales executives are great candidates to grow and earn lots of money as commissions.

The median base income of an executive in the field is around $62,000 plus commissions and bonuses making the total compensation about $126,000.

Sales Operations:

Sales operations managers assist in reducing friction during sales.

They manage everything that assists salespeople in their work From selling pipeline managing to helping with analytics and platforms in addition to monitoring sales and business metrics.

Engineering Sales

Software Sales

Sales engineers are typically certified engineers who are knowledgeable about the insides and outsides of the software they use and can demonstrate what technology operates and how it can solve a client’s issues to potential clients.

Sales engineers earn a similar salary to account executives. They earn a basic salary is around $62,000 plus bonuses and commissions.

V . P. of Sales

The executive position, also referred to as the head of sales is responsible for the sales strategy of an organization. A sales VP can direct sales teams within smaller businesses.

The vice-president of sales is responsible for overseeing the sales managers in larger organizations.

A VP of sales could make around $190,000 as a base income, with bonuses based on the success of their sales teams with a total of $300,000.

Tips to Getting into (and succeeding with) sales of software

There’s no universal method to enter software sales, however, here are some tried and tested ideas to help you get going.

Find a Similar job and then transfer it:

You might consider starting your career with an entry-level job in marketing or customer support.

Additionally, these positions offer exposure to the latest trends in the industry as well as customer demands, which allows gaining more understanding of an organization’s product and service offerings.

All of them are important for sales teams and can lead to lateral moves.

Get Sales Experience:

The majority of sales knowledge can be transferrable. You’ll be in a great place to get the software sales position you’re looking for if you sharpen your selling skills in another company or in a different industry.

Furthermore, you will learn to represent clients in court learn about studying and understanding client issues and requirements, and build an experience of advocating on behalf of clients and for the company’s products and services.

Learn from a Mentor

Mentors can offer career advice and assistance, help with networking and job opportunities and utilize their network and expertise to help their students grow faster.

Due to the highly personal character of sales software having a mentor who can give advice from their own experiences can assist you in securing the job of a sales rep and excel in the position you’re currently working.

Attend a class, or get a certificate:

Innovative sales tools along with best practices are created every day.

Take a look at a class taught by professionals in the field to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Also, make sure your research, prospecting, and discovery skills are current and pertinent.

Focus on a particular sector or type of product:

The ability to develop specialized knowledge about the industry or product will provide you with an advantage since you’ll already be aware of the contours of the terrain.

Be aware of the kinds of issues potential customers might encounter, be aware of the features that your competitors provide, and describe how your software is different.

Obtain LinkedIn or social media endorsements:

Salespeople are often targeted by recruiters according to their LinkedInaccountst and their social network presence.

You can increase your chances of being recognized and getting an interview by maintaining connections with other sales professionals as well as getting endorsements from the public.

Create the Book for Business Book:

Portfolios are utilized by designers and engineers to prove that they can fulfill the promises of their CVs. A business book is maintained by sales representatives.

Sales reps track their customers and sales and demographic data, referrals, and the client’s future requirements possible.

The sales book for the business can be used to confirm the salesperson’s efforts and also a list of leads.

Job Opportunities in Software Sales to be available in 2022

There are many opportunities in the software sales industry this year. We have an overview of these positions below. Check these out.

1. IBM Associate Z Software Sales Representative

The entire sales strategy that results in the closure of System Z Software Solutions in our System Z clients is the job of The Z Software Sales Representative.

Our success in our work is contingent on the executive’s communication and coordination. A Z Software Sales Representative will be accountable for preparing opportunity win plans that include the use of IBM top executives.

Z Software Sales Representative Z Software Sales Representative should be comfortable in creating materials and presenting them to senior clients, including the CIO as well as high-ranking IT as well as Line of Business executives. They should have a valid license.

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You’ll be working with a company which has been operating for more than 40 years. It sells accounting software that can be customized for manufacturers, distributors, and many other companies.

Most likely, you will create and oversee a domestic or international sales staff. areas that have existing customer bases, and new regions. Commission rates are high.


It is essential to spend time studying the software’s capabilities and limitations.

> Self-starter, motivated and reliable.

3. Jr Sales Rep Software and Services

suite Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We have joined the signatories of the “Charta of Vielfalt.

We value diversity and we do not discriminate on race or color, sexual orientation age, nationality, age or religious belief, sexual orientation, or gender identities such as veteran status or disabilities.

This policy regulates every aspect of employment within our organization, including in our subsidiaries and our headquarters. The hiring teams and the management team make decisions solely based on skills, qualifications, and the current needs of the company.

4. Sales Specialist in Application Security

Dynatrace’s software-based intelligence Dynatrace helps businesses simplify cloud complexity, and drives digital transformation.

Our platform is all-in-one and provides precise solutions to the security and performance of the applications as well as the infrastructure. It is the acknowledged market leader in providing automated and intelligent monitoring on a massive the highest level.

We help make DevSecOps feasible, allowing companies to develop faster and collaborate more efficiently, and provide more value for less effort.

Post Description

• We’re the share market and magic quadrant leader 11 times.

> We invest more in the research and development process than many of our competitors in terms of sales per unit, ensuring the highest quality customer service and speedy acceptance.

> Benefit from our competitive culture and high-performance compensation packages that acknowledge and honor excellence.

Our partnership with the world’s most renowned cloud providers, like AWS, Azure, OpenShift along with Google Cloud, allows us to offer our customers the highest quality 3rd Generation monitoring available.

5. Software Brand Sales Representative – IBM AIOps and Integration Software

This job is for a Software Sales Specialist within IBM’s IBM AIOps and Integration Software portfolio, with a particular focus specifically on Segment 1 Enterprise clients.

Prospecting, advancing, and completing software transactions in US Federal Government accounts are among the tasks of this client-facing/outside direct sales position for Cloud & Cognitive Software.

Segment 1 IBM accounts that are currently running IBM software installations and, in certain situations existing systems looking to increase their software footprint or upgrade or upgrade IBM the cloud and hybrid services.

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6. Solutions Sales Software Products

BKD is seeking a highly driven Business Development Executive who enjoys discovering new business opportunities for digitally-driven goods and services for the non-profit, healthcare, and higher education industries.

This position generates more business and new opportunities for the company It also maintains and develops new partnerships for extended and ongoing engagements.

Additionally, someone who oversees the pipeline of sales opportunities and stage analytics. They also work with firm management, marketing, and proposal teams to secure clients as an advisor who is trusted.


> Manage business development initiatives for digital/software-based solutions and products by conducting market analyses and strategic account plans.

• At all pipelines and sales generation potential stages, such as proposal and capture management Maintain your “pipeline” for new business and capture strategies.

• Manage the sales pipeline and lead process, which includes the chance of winning calculation, revenue projections, and direct input into the company’s Budget and Forecasting Process.

• Demonstrate BKD’s technology solutions to prospective clients.

> Align new business ventures in line with the strategic plan’s key growth areas and goals by identifying key goals and formulating plans.

• Assist the corporate leadership in keeping them informed of and preparing for new possibilities for business development like upcoming business development goals and market outreach events as well as other important outreach and industry-related activities.

7. Sales Admin Assistant

This is your opportunity to develop cutting-edge, cutting-edge Artificial intelligence software to help the financial markets.

As an Assistant to Sales Administration, you will aid the sales team with every aspect of working with traders to offer the tools they require to boost their performance in market conditions.

The position is currently being carried out from home, but there is an option of shifting into an office shortly.


> Incoming Calls are handled and routed.

> Calendar Administration

Sales orders are recorded, processed, and tracked. Then, they are analyzed.

Tracking and collection of data for webinars

> Reconcile operations, sales, and reporting on financials.

• Report design, entry of data, and light analysis

> Other responsibilities, as the need arises

We’re in search of the following individuals:

We’re seeking those who are Process-oriented.

> You must be proficient with Microsoft Office Apps (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel)

• Must be organized and attentive to every detail

• Must possess the drive and the ability to succeed, and be able to learn new techniques and systems

• Must possess an optimistic, positive attitude always looking to be better

• Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment

• Must be self-motivated and constantly seeking improvement and develop

> Can be effective in groups, but remain task-focused

Educational Requirements

> Minimum High School/ GED completion.

College credit or a degree is preferable.

8. Software Sales Executive South East

Turbonomic’s Application Resource Management (ARM) technology guarantees that applications have the resources required to function smoothly while maintaining policy compliance and preventing excessive spending.

Turbonomic is well-positioned to build an AI-driven cloud hybrid of the next.

You’ll be performing the following:

From cold-calling to installation, achieve personal sales goals through prospecting and closing strategic deals.

> Work across multiple industries with clients that are significant across the Southeast.

• Work closely with a sales development team that is focused on developing new customer interest as well as meetings.

• Demonstrate the value of Turbonomic through collaboration with clients and our amazing Sales Engineering team as part of our POV process.

The candidate must reside in the Southeast or willing to move into the Southeast.

Professional and technical expertise is essential.

9. Prisma Cloud Sales Specialist, Americas Major Accounts

Join an organization that brings together the top cloud infrastructure security firms as well as the most effective cloud-native workload protection businesses by joining Palo Alto Networks.

The leading cloud security company. Our cloud security solutions will provide the most advanced cloud security system.

This is a chance to get to the very beginning of Palo Alto Networks’ core growth zone.

A Personal Perspective

Experienced sales expert in the business of technology with a preference for infrastructure-based network security devices, software cloud, and Enterprise SaaS.

> A consultant salesperson with extraordinary communication and closing skills.

• the ability to consider and take action tactically as well as strategically.

> A risk-taking high-aspiration person with solid commercial judgment and intuition.

• Consensus-seeking personality that thrives in a cooperative environment

More than Five years’ direct software for corporate sales experience, with a focus on SaaS, CyberSecurity, or DevOps.

• Knowledge of the most prestigious accounts within the territory

Seven-figure deals that were closed with seven figures in the past

10. Rep. for Sales and Development in the China Region (Software)

Our most effective Sales Development Representatives are driven to meet their goals. They get their hands dirty and can work hard in a dynamic, fast-paced workplace to produce results.

They are creative, productive problem solvers who are a pleasure to work together to achieve a positive impact.


A bachelor’s or master’s degree is required in marketing, business, or a related engineering field.

> Technical skills and at least one year of experience in a sales setting (internship is fine).

> Outstanding record of customer service and satisfaction

> Experiential experience in using the power of social media to locate and communicate with decision-makers.

> Good telephone etiquette and computer literacy skills

• Understanding of the tools for sales automation as well as the process of selling

• Fluent fluent English and the language is spoken in the region

FAQs on Remote Work in Software Sales

They are among the most frequently asked questions regarding software sales jobs on the web.

1. What is Software Sales?

The field of Software Sales is a field that allows salespeople to assist customers in determining their requirements in technology and connect them with a solution that solves the client’s problems and meets their requirements. They also interact with small-scale firms.

2. How Much Can You Make Doing Software Sales?

In the BLS’s Occupational Employment Statistics, the average annual salary for developers of software applications is $108,080. However, for system software developers it’s just a little higher, at around $114,000. But it is not the case that all states offer programmers the exact amount.

3. What do People in Software Sales do?

Software sales reps perform duties in customer relations and sales to increase sales of computer software and services. They interact daily with leads and customers, whether face-to-face or from a distance through the phone or through online platforms.

4. Can You Make a Lot of Money in Software Sales?

The average annual salary of professionals in the field of software sales is greater than $54,000, as per PayScale. Like most sales positions the salary can differ greatly based on variables such as profit sharing, bonuses, and commissions, but especially.

FAQs about Software Sales Remote Work

They are among the most frequently asked queries about software sales jobs available on the web.

5. Are you sure that Software Sales do a Good Job?

Software sales are one of the most lucrative sales careers since they typically offer higher compensation, flexibility, as well as prospects for advancement. Software sales jobs require the ability to work with computers and strong interpersonal abilities. However, those who have the right traits and skills are likely to have a prosperous jobs.

6. What Degree do You Need for Software Sales?

The most popular degree awarded to Software Sales Representatives is Bachelor’s Degree. 72 percent Of Software Sales Representatives earn that degree. An even better option is Associate Degree which is 11%. Rounding the picture is a Master’s degree with 7percent.

7. What does SaaS Sales Stand for?

SaaS is a shorthand for software as a service. It’s a form of software that is hosted, secure, and controlled by a single company. It is accessible on the internet, customized easily, and is supported and serviced by the company’s own product engineers and customer support team.

FAQs about Software Sales Remote Work

These are the top queries about software sales jobs on the internet.

8. Why should you work in SaaS Sales?

What is the reason SaaS companies require amazing salespeople? When you have the perfect salesperson, or sales team the SaaS business can expand extremely efficiently. SaaS businesses are all about expansion. In terms of business models, they are more profitable than services-based companies and this is the reason why investors are eager to invest in them.

9. How do You Succeed in Software Sales?

Some of the companies who are hiring for sales in software are CyberCoders and HubSpot. The essential skills required to be considered for this job include flexible hours, understanding of the software you’re selling, outstanding interpersonal skills, building rapport on the phone, and a strategic approach to prospecting in addition to.

10. How can I be a Good Software to Sell?

The reason is quite straightforward: using software, it is possible to create something one time and then market it in unlimited quantities. This is why the profits are greater than the typical business selling physical products.

FAQs about Software Sales Remote Work

They are among the most frequently asked queries about software sales jobs on the internet.

11. Is Netflix a SaaS?

The first step is to answer the issue in this article that is: “Yes, Netflix is indeed a SaaS company that offers software to stream licensed movies on demand. It operates on a subscription model, where the customer selects an option for subscriptions and pays an agreed-upon amount to Netflix either monthly or annually.

12. Do you Need a Degree in SaaS?

SaaS job opportunities are for professionals with programming skills like SQL, Python, and JavaScript that are the most compatible with cloud-based platforms. A majority of the jobs will require an undergraduate degree although some employers might take an associate’s degree.

13. Is SaaS Sales Easy?

SaaS sales aren’t simple. There’s a lot of money, many parties, and complicated value propositions to be found in every deal. But the ability to navigate through that added complexity is the reason that is what makes SaaS sales reps so effective and highly paid.

FAQs about Software Sales Remote Work

These are the top queries about software sales jobs available web.

14. Is SaaS an excellent career option?

Are SaaS sales a lucrative job? Yes. The growing popularity of the SaaS sector is that any job in it is accompanied by a certain amount of financial security. SaaS sales can be an enjoyable job for a highly motivated and skilled sales professional.

15. Is it Hard to Sell SaaS?

SaaS sales aren’t always easy. There’s a lot of money, many stakeholders, and a variety of value propositions to be found in every deal. But the ability to navigate through that added complexity is also the reason that is what makes SaaS sales reps highly valuable and very well-paid.

16. What is Different about Selling SaaS?

In addition, unlike the non-software sales industry, SaaS salespeople need to concentrate on developing relationships. Without tangible products to sell, you’re not only selling software to complete the selling process, but also the support, aftercare, and long-term advantages of the specific product.

In software sales jobs, people can make a lot of money. Although many entry-level positions have lower base wages, sales performance bonuses and commissions can quickly double a salesperson’s overall compensation.

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