Nigeria Immigration is removing passport officers following Undercover inspection by the Comptroller

Nigeria Immigration
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Nigeria Immigration is removing passport officers following Undercover inspection by the Comptroller

A passport officer of the Ikoyi passport office, which is part of the Lagos State Command of the Nigeria Immigration Service ( NIS), Ibrahim Liman is an assistant comptroller for immigration, was removed.

passport officers

The investigation is a follow-up to an undercover probe conducted by the NIS the acting general comptroller Isa Idris, who disguised on the 18th of October as a passport-seeking applicant and was able to gain firsthand knowledge of undercover deals conducted made by his staff.


Mr. Liman’s co-workers in the Ikeja as well as the FESTAC Town Passport offices, which are part of NIS, N.J Dashe, and Adeola Adesokan respectively, have been removed from the offices.


While Mr. Liman and Adesokan have been moved to the headquarters of the service in Abuja the capital of Nigeria and the capital of Nigeria, Mr. Dashe is now in the command zone “A” of the service that encompasses equally Ogun and Lagos states.


A deputy comptroller in the immigration Abolupe Oladoyin Bewaji was named as Liman’s replacement and the two comptrollers, Mr. Dashe as well as Mrs. Adesokan have been replaced by R.L Bukar as well as S. Umar, both of whom are the deputy comptrollers for immigration.


The latest posting is found within an internal memo only obtained from PREMIUM TIMES and is titled “Senior Staff Posting Order.”


The memo, which was signed by the deputy comptroller general for NIS responsible for HR, A.B Yarima, noted that the new post will take effect immediately.


“I am directed to convey approval for the following posting with immediate effect,” the memo states in part and lists eight officers who are involved.


Other officers who are affected

Another person affected by the latest change of command is A. I Bambale have transferred from the zone A command to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.


Mr. Bambale who was the comptroller of immigration is replaced by Sunday James who was transferred from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja to zone A in Lagos.


Mr. James is the present spokesperson for the service. He has been replaced by the assistant comptroller for the immigration department, Amos Okpu.


New Ikoyi PCO

The newly appointed passport officer at the Ikoyi passport office of the NIS Mrs. Bewaji 56, hails from Ogbomoso in Oyo State, was until the time of her appointment, the person in charge of irregular visa residence, migration and immigration, and visa residency for and visa residency of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and worked at Alagbon, the Lagos State command office in Alagbon, Lagos.


Mrs. Bewaji graduated in 1988 from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, she joined the immigration department on the 24th of September 1991, was a participant in the 10th Command Course in Sokoto in the year 2019, and completed the course with distinction.


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From 2005-to 2006 Mrs. Bewaji was a member of the operations section of the Adamawa State command and was in charge of the counters for visas at the Lagos State command between 2007 and 2016. She was assigned to the Anambra State command in Awka in the year 2018 when she was employed as a border manager and the irregular migration unit.

The promise of reforms to come

the acting chief comptroller informed PREMIUM TIMES that the service will continue to pursue an overall overhaul, and said that the integrity of the service in the image of the nation was the most important thing.

Mr. Idris expressed his regret that despite his efforts to restore sanity in the army, there remain officers that are recalcitrant and uncompromising to the efforts.

“But we won’t quit. We came from a tradition that Nigeria could be proud of, and our legacy can’t be any different. We should remember the great work we accomplish. Therefore, we pledge our dedication to take the service to the top of its game,” Mr. Idris said.

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The acting CGI demanded Nigerians to cooperate with management to clean up the process, saying that without the givers, there would not be any collectors.


“So, the reshuffle is just another step towards sanitizing the system,” the official said.



On the 18th of October, Acting comptroller-general toured the Ikoyi passport office in the Lagos State Command of the Nigeria Immigration Service and pretended to pretend to be an applicant for an international passport.


But the officials he talked to made agreements for various fees, unaware that they were working directly with the general comptroller.


“When I approached officials I was given the menu but did not acknowledge me. They informed me that 32 pages of an international passport, valid for 5 years will cost me N45,000, instead of N27,000. They also said that 64 pages for five years will cost me about N55,000 instead of N37,000 and N95,000 for 64 pages over 10, instead of N72,000 for 10 years.


“I was asked what country I was from, and I replied Niger State. They also wanted to know if I had a certificate of indigeneship along with other documents. I told them I didn’t possess any. Then they told me they’d pay N3,500 for all documents to me,” the acting comptroller general had said to the PREMIUM TIMES’ reporter on the phone.


The police officers who were involved in the incident in the course of his visit unscheduled have been documented, and they will be punished accordingly.


“The laws exist which means that they must be enacted to comply with the laws. There are around three people involved, however,, we’re pretty sure it’s organized crime. They’re not all alone, however,, further investigation will reveal the truth,” he said.

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