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Center for Community and Health Development International Job Portal – Center for Community and Health Development International Job Portal and application form for 2022 is out. Get the essential information to provide you with how to proceed.

-- Center for Community and Health Development International Job Portal -


The center for Community as well as Health Development International is a non-discriminatory non-governmental organization to improve the standard of life for Nigerian rural girls and mothers.

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CHAD was created in 2002 by women from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds in Gombe state in North-East Nigeria.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Table of Contents


1. Job Description Financial Officer

Location: Borno

Work Types: Contract

Job Duration: 9 months

The Major Duties and Responsibilities

1. Approves payments, purchase authorizations, and other financial transactions to ensure compliance with staff rules, financial rules, and implementing instruments/authority.

2. Supervises the preparation of the final month’s accounts before sending them to headquarters.

3. In close collaboration in close coordination with Field/Sub Offices/Programme Section, maintains a system for monitoring and forecasting cash needs to cover the project and administrative expenses.

4. Sets monthly cash requirements for the office and asks for prompt recharges to Headquarters.

5. Always reviews bank arrangements to ensure prompt transfer of funds, and to minimize loss of exchanges and bank fees;

6. Provides advice to the chief of the office on any financial or budgetary issues;

7. Informs new staff members or employees who are assigned to the Field on financial matters;

8. In close collaboration in close coordination with Field Offices, coordinate replies to audit-related financial comments

9. Other duties are performed as needed.

Supervision Responsibilities

1. The ability to manage and administer a financial unit, ability to streamline tasks, delegate them using advanced technology to streamline work, discuss system improvements and suggest strategies to make the most efficient use of financial and staff resources

2. The ability to create and manage budgets, as well as manage the financial sector

3. Analytical/Communication/interpersonal skills


1. The ability to work under extremely demanding circumstances

2. The ability to work on computers

3. Writing/drafting skills

4. Ability to train and teach others

Academic Qualities

Advanced University degree

Managerial Competencies:

1. Controlling Performance

2. Training and Coaching Staff

3. Management of Resources

4. The awareness of the organization and political issues

Functional Competencies:

1. Implementing and interpreting the Policy and Procedure

2. Financial Planning

3. Financial Reporting

4. Offering Financial Assistance and Advice

5. Executing Transactions

6. Management of the funds

Other relevant qualifications In addition to above

1. Advanced University Degree in Finance or Accounting Business Administration or other related areas of expertise.

2. Auditing experience and financial accounting or finance

3. Work in the context of multi-cultural, multi-national, and multicultural.


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4. Experience working in a developing country (other than your own) with conditions of difficult infrastructure or insecurity and risk Management and Technical Skills

method of Application

Candidates who are interested and qualified must be able to send a Cover Letter along with an updated resume (no more than three pages) to:

Center for Community and Health Development International (CHAD) Office,
Bulumkutu Abuja,
To the left of Bulumkutu Elementary School
Maiduguri, Borno State.

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2. Job Name: Case Management Supervisor

Location: Borno

of Type Contract

The Job’s Duration is 9 months

Last Date for Submission: 18th July 2019

Essential Responsibilities

The most important responsibilities are:

1. Contribute to the establishment of an effective system for managing cases

2. Supervise a team consisting of twelve Child Protection Case Workers;

3. Assisting the Case Workers to identify children that require case management services by an agreed-upon criterion

4. Assisting caseworkers in developing appropriate and real-world case plans to accommodate children who have different requirements, and giving approval to cases plans;

5. Aiding Case Workers provide case management to children.

6. Assisting caseworkers in supporting Case Workers to provide referrals and follow-up to children who have other service providers outside of the organization, while sharing details about the case;

7. Inputting case management information to the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS);

8. Approval of the closing of the case plan;

9. Assuring that the appropriate child protection Mechanisms for accountability are set up and operating efficiently;

10. Find alternative arrangements for separated or unaccompanied children;

11. Perform daily field visits to the beneficiaries in informal settlements, camps as well as households located in Ngala, Bama, Banki, Dikwa, Damboa, and Mafa.

12. Help in team building and the professional development of staff, for example, through periodic performance appraisals;

13. Help develop referral pathways for children who require external assistance.

14. Develop and maintain cooperative relations with services providers (national and internationally) communities, service providers, organizations, governmental institutions, and other institutions. ;

15. Contribute to the writing of evaluative as well as regular progress reports for the case management aspect of the project.

16. Other duties as directed to them by their supervisors.

Performance Indicates

1. Achieve your goals efficiently

2. Cost-effective suggestions yet maintain quality

3. Organized and pays to focus on every detail

4. The deliverables are agreed upon and outputs are delivered without any reminders

5. Seek continuous self-development

6. Pro-active attitude

7. Show a desire to be a student

8. Be respectful of confidentiality.

Training and Experiential Experience

1. Degree in Psychology, Social Work, or a related area (preferably Masters’s Degree);

2. 2 years’ expertise with Child Protection in the event of an emergency;

3. A minimum of one year of specific social work or case management experience with children.

4. Experience in a similar situation with national or international organizations or with government officials;

5. The knowledge of child Protection Standards and procedures

6. The ability to manage teams and work under pressure.

7. Respect for work and human rights ethics;

8. Excellent problem-solving abilities and the ability to work on their own;

9. Achieved strong organizational, interpersonal, and communications skills;

10. A good Computer literacy, particularly Excel Word and Excel Word;

11. Fluent in spoken and written Arabic as well as English;


1. Team player

2. A friendly and relaxed sense of Humour

3. Ability to work under minimal supervision

4. Can work within a small, energetic organization with the resources of a small company

5. Innovative and creative

6. Engagement with War Child’s goals as well as values, and mission

7. Skills for networking and influence

8. Skills for writing reports

9. Ability to maintain efficient working relationships with staff at all levels of staff

10. Skills for community facilitation.

method of Application

Candidates who are interested and qualified should be able to send a Cover Letter along with an up-to-date CV (no more than 3 pages) to:

Center for Community and Health Development International (CHAD) Office,
Bulumkutu Abuja,
In the background is Bulumkutu the Primary School
Maiduguri, Borno State.

NotificationCenter for Community and Health Development International is an employer of equal opportunity committed to attracting a large and diverse workforce, and maintaining an inclusive society.

Center for Community and Health Development International does not discriminate based on veteran status, disability, or any other grounds that are protected by federal, state, or local laws.

A Mistake to Avoid When Applying

1. Many applicants fail in many applications, not because they’re not qualified, but rather because of numerous errors.

2. Also, take note of:

3. Make sure you apply on time and don’t wait until the deadline.

4. Use the application process on your own Don’t share your data with anyone else to ensure that you don’t make mistakes with your information

5. Stay informed of the application

6. You must ensure that you have all the required requirements

7. Make sure you double-check your information before submitting it.

8. Candidates must apply only for one position If they attempt to apply more than once will be disqualified from applying for the position.

9. The application online is free.

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Update for Shortlisted Candidates

If you’ve been selected, you’ve already been given a foot in the direction. It’s now time to shine at the last step the interview.

If you’re not shortlisted, however:

1. Endeavor to learn more regarding the business.

2. Make sure that you have a clear idea. Find out the reason you are interested in this particular job. Also, consider whether you are the perfect candidate. Also, read through your application.

3. Also, be active. This is an interview rather than an interrogation. There’s more to you than your resume.

4. The practice can go quite a ways. Therefore, you can take the opportunity to practice mock interviews with buddies or practice speaking in front of a mirror.

5. It’s not often, but occasionally you will receive an offer letter directly after the application. You’re planning the celebration But remember these points before getting into celebration mode: Get it written.

6. Additionally, read the offer in writing. Make sure to include the important information and inquire if you do not understand the details. Like work profile beginning date, duration of the contract, stipend, etc.

7. Write a thank-you note to the employer when you have accepted the offer.

8. Follow up with an email that confirms your start date and expresses your excitement for the new position.

As you can see It is imperative to keep in mind that we are not associated with these businesses. We’re providing this information to assist you in obtaining the job you’ve always wanted.

When you apply for the National Commission on Population Recruitment 2022, be sure to conduct more research on the organization. Good luck.

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If you require us to assist you, we can provide more current information on this portal, please contact us. Center for Community and Health Development International Job Portal 2022.


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