2022 Top-Rated Retailers Companies You Can Work

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Top-Rated Retailers – Amid the recession, some retailers are hitting the mark by employing their own workers. The job listing website and the search engine.

The process of securing a retail job isn’t always easy (whether it’s because of the customers or the customers ended up shopping on the internet).

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The Top 20 Rated Retail Businesses

However, these 20 companies received glowing reviews from their staff They praise the teams as “like family,” supportive working environments, and plenty of opportunities to grow.

To provide a flawless annual assessment of the Top workplaces within retail, Fortune partner CSN Place to Work crunched the numbers and interviewed an adequate number of employees to present you with this list of retail workplaces that are loved by employees. Look them up!

1. HEB

The headquarters are located with headquarters at the address 646 South Main Avenue San Antonio, TX 78204

H-E-B is located in San Antonio, Texas with around $23 billion in revenue and 100,000 partners. It was founded in 1905. H-E-B has more than 385 stores across a variety of styles, such as supermarkets, superstores as well as gourmet markets.

H-E-B is the top retailer of food products in the Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Rio Grande Valley markets.

2. Vans

The company’s headquarters are located with its headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA

Vans is an attitude. Thinking differently. Embracing creative self-expression. Integrity and growth. You decide what you want to do with your board as well as throughout your life.

Vans is a leader in more than 50 years of connectivity to youth culture and continues to expand the roots of action sports while acknowledging the worldwide “Off the Wall” connection between the brand and its customers.

3. Costco Wholesale

The headquarters are with its headquarters in Issaquah, Washington, United States

Costco Wholesale Corporation operates an international chain of membership warehouses operating under the “Costco Wholesale” name.

If they can find high-quality, they usually get brand-name products for significantly less than those from traditional retail or wholesale sources.

People also ask

The warehouses are designed to help small-to-medium-sized businesses reduce costs in purchasing goods.

4. Nike

The company’s headquarters are with its headquarters in Beaverton, OR

NIKE, Inc. is the world’s top marketer, designer, and retailer of authentic athletic equipment, footwear, clothing as well as accessories for a vast range of fitness and sports activities.

At Nike, they envision the world as one where everyone is an athlete, united by the excitement of moving. Motivated by our love of sports and our innate drive to be innovative.

5. Wegmans

Headquarters are located within the 1500s in Brooks Ave. Rochester, NY, United States 14624.

Wegmans Food Markets is a major supermarket chain in the region and one of the largest private corporations across the U.S. The headquarters is in Rochester.

In addition located also, in New York, Wegmans Food Markets is a family-owned business that was founded around 1916, by the Wegman family. The company employs more than fifty thousand employees.

Wegmans is ranked #3 among the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2020.

6. QuikTrip

Headquarters are with its headquarters in Tulsa, OK

QuikTrip Corporation QuikTrip Corporation also called QuikTrip (QT) is a Tulsa-located company that operates a chain of convenience shops that is primarily operating throughout regions of the Midwestern, Southern, and Southeastern United States and in Arizona.

Burt Holmes and Chester Cadieux founded their first QuikTrip in the year 1958 in Tulsa. The company expanded beyond Oklahoma.

7. Best Buy

Headquarters are at 7601 Penn Ave S, Richfield MN 55423.

Best Buy offers expert service for a price that is unbeatable over 1.5 billion times per year to customers as well as small business owners and educators who shop at our stores, speak in conversations with Geek Squad agents or use BestBuy.com or the Best Buy app.

The company operates in the U.S as well as Canada Canada, where over 70% of the population is located just 15 mins away.

8. T-Mobile

The headquarters are located in Headquarters in Bellevue, WA. Bellevue, WA

The Un-carrier in America, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: T-Mobile US) is at the forefront of the 5G revolution and is redefining the way businesses and consumers purchase wireless services with the help of technology and service advancements.

The nationwide network of 5G by the Company offers exceptional wireless services to millions of users who are not willing to sacrifice quality.

9. Publix

Headquarters are with its headquarters in Lakeland, FL

Publix is the biggest store owned by employees across the United States, employing over 220,000 employees. If you think that shopping at Publix is enjoyable take a look at working here!

There’s a reason why we’re to be a Great Place to Work Legend and were listed on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For List for the past 23 years.

10. Nordstrom

The headquarters are located with its headquarters in Seattle, WA

Nordstrom, Inc. is a major fashion retailer located within the U.S. The company was established in 1901, it was originally a shoe shop in Seattle. Today, Nordstrom has 381 stores across 40 states, with 118 full-line locations in the United States.

Additionally, Canada, Puerto Rico Additionally, Canada and Puerto Rico. There are 248 Nordstrom Rack stores Three Jeffrey boutiques Two clearance stores; Six Trunk Club clubhouses and four Nordstrom.

11. Bath & Body Works

Headquarters are with its headquarters in Seven Limited Parkway East Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

In the last 20 years, Bath and Body Works has transformed the personal-care business by introducing aroma-filled and delicious treats, such as shower candles, lotions, gels, and other accessories.

With a primary focus on creating and delivering the highest quality products with a strong emphasis on the latest innovations from the natural world, Bath and Body Works is huge.

12. Foot Locker

Headquarters are in The headquarters are located in W. 34th St. New York NY, United States 10001

Foot Locker, Inc. is a specialized sports retailer that has around 3120 stores in 27 countries all over North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

By way of its Foot Locker, Footaction, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Runners Point, and Sidestep retail stores, in addition to the direct-to-customer channels.

13. Sephora

The headquarters are located is in Paris, France

Since its introduction on the scene in North America over 20 years ago, Sephora has been a leading brand in the world of luxury Omni-retail, helping to provide a welcoming beauty shopping experience and create a sense of confidence in our society.

To provide impartial assistance with shopping and a personal customer experience, Sephora allows customers to experience and touch 25,000 items.

14. Hobby Lobby

The headquarters are located at the 7707 Southwest 44th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73179 United States

10,000+ employees

In the year 1970, entrepreneurs David as well as Barbara Green, along with their family of young children, started creating miniature frames of pictures in their garage.

Then on August 3, 1972, the Green family opened their initial Hobby Lobby store with just 300 square feet in the retail area. Hobby Lobby has not stopped growing ever since.

15. American Thanksgiving Greetings

The headquarters are located in Westlake, Ohio

As the market leader in making meaningful connections, they pledged American greetings to help ensure that the world is an even more caring and thoughtful environment.

In 1906, the inventor and producer of cutting-edge social expression products offers paper cards and digital greeting cards gifts, wraps for gifts products for parties, and much more that enable consumers to honor the moments and people in their life.

16. American Eagle Outfitters

The company’s headquarters are located at headquarters at 77 Hot Metal Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203.

American Eagle Outfitters (NYSE: AEO) is a major specialty retailer in the world, offering premium trendy clothing, accessories, and personal care items at low costs under its American Eagle and Aerie brands.

The company owns more than 1,000 stores in Canada, the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Hong Kong, and ships to more than 81 countries.

17. Gap

The headquarters are located with its headquarters in San Francisco, CA

The year was 1969. Don as well as Doris Fisher established the very first Gap store located on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco. They were looking for it to be easier for customers to locate a good pair of jeans. And they did.

Their record store and denim were a huge success and we’re now the most famous American brand.

They’re in over 1400 shops across 40 countries, as well as online.

18. The Home Depot

Headquarters are in Atlanta, GA

Home Depot Home Depot is the world’s biggest retailer of home improvements, with more than 4000 employees and over 2200 stores in Canada, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Our associates at our warehouse distribution centers Contact centers, stores, and corporate support our $108billion-plus business, which serves millions of customers each year.

19. Whole Foods Market

Headquarters are is located in Austin, TX, USA

1. Austin the Texas capital of Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFM) is the top organic and natural food retailer and is an extremely lively brand in the lifestyle industry in the United States.

2. They have also been named as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” in America by FORTUNE magazine for the past 20 years.

3. The motto of their company is “Whole People, Whole Planet” Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet.

20. Sherwin-Williams

Headquarters are at 101 W. Prospect Ave. Cleveland OH, United States 44115

Their journey began more than 150 years ago in the year 1866 as Henry Sherwin along with Edward Williams founded the company in Cleveland, Ohio. The two forged an industry and left a legacy that is now renowned throughout the world.

This legacy continues to be carried on as they look to the future and continue to develop the future. With distribution centers, stores, and facilities across the world.

21. T.J. Maxx

The headquarters are located in Framingham

The first store was opened in the year 1976.

Find an ever-changing assortment of stylish brand names, other top-quality clothing, home accessories, and more. The TJ Maxx provides a broad collection of exquisite jewelry and accessories. in certain shops, The Runway is a high-end design department.

22. Verizon

The headquarters are located in New York, United States

Here at Verizon, we connect millions of individuals as well as businesses and communities by using our advanced technology every day.

Our award-winning network is helping to deliver advances in the field of interactive entertainment as well as digital media The Internet of Things, and broadband solutions for customers.

With more than 150 offices, Verizon is a global company that is a leader in the delivery of cutting-edge products.

23. Kohl’s

The headquarters are located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Based on its origins in Wisconsin, Kohl’s has grown to become a top multichannel retailer, with more than 1,100 stores across 50 states and distribution centers all over the U.S. A design center located in New York City, and an office for technology located in Silicon Valley.

The reason we have achieved our success cannot be replicated because it’s all of our partners across the country who are united under one goal.

24. Hot Topic, Inc.

The company’s headquarters are located in the City of Industry, CA

Named among the top 25 retailers that have been in operation for two consecutive years, Hot Topic’s unique culture thrives within an open and collaborative workplace that is based on autonomy. to your accomplishment.

You can bring fresh and fresh perspectives that can aid in the ongoing prosperity of our business. We encourage a warm and welcoming environment. >>

25. Marshalls

The headquarters are located in Framingham

It was acquired through TJX in 1995. There are 1,030+ stores.

Never boring, but always surprising.

Discover a constantly changing selection of stylish brands, brand names, and other premium clothing for your family, home decors, and more.

Marshalls offers a complete line of family-friendly footwear, as well as an expanded men’s section, and the CUBE department that is designed specifically designed for juniors.

FAQs on Top-Rated Retail Businesses

Below are the most frequently asked questions about top-rated Retail Businesses. We invite you to look over the responses.

1. Which is the most reputable retailer?


Based on sales from retail in the year of in 2020 Walmart has been by far largest retailer in the world with revenues of over 559 billion U.S. dollars.

The majority of the world’s most renowned retailers are American businesses. Walmart as well as Amazon are two examples of American businesses operating across the globe.

2. Which are the top retail companies in the world?

Through revenue



Revenue from retail (USmillions of dollars)











Schwarz Gruppe


3. What is the most popular retailer?

The most recent data released by the National Retail Federation shows that Walmart is still leading as the leading US retailer.

The 2022 fiscal year of the firm has reported retail revenues totaling $430.82 billion within the United States, which is an 8.7 percent growth year-over-year.

More FAQs about Top-Rated Retail Companies

4. What is the top retailer in America?

Walmart is among the largest and most favored retailer in America. More than half of people who shop in America go to at a Walmart store in the course of one month. The only U.S. store can claim the large proportion of Americans as customers.

5. has Costco considered a retail store?

Costco Wholesale is a multi-billion dollar retailer in the world, with warehouse clubs across eight countries.

6. What is the biggest store in America?

Macy’s flagship location located in New York City no longer is the biggest departmental store, the Macy’s flagship is among the top in United States, with 1.25 million square feet of retail space.

Macy’s history dates back to 1851 in the year 1851, when Rowland Hussey Macy established his very first Macy’s shop in Massachusetts.

7. What is the world’s largest online retailer?


Amazon.com is the world’s largest online retail market, with revenue of US120,968 million dollars in 2020 worldwide which is then Jd.com with US$83,058 million. Walmart.com comes in third place, with a total revenue of US 41,114 million.

To pinpoint which retailers performed very well, and which ones had employees who were satisfied with their work CSN searched through more than 180 million top-rated retailers.

SOURCE: https://nrf.com/resources/top-retailers/top-100-retailers/top-100-retailers-2019

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